About me

I don’t know quite well when the passion for weddings started, but without doubt it came from childhood. I grew up loving romantic movies, love story books, poems, songs and paintings about romantic love. I was just a teenager when I decided I only would date someone I intended to marry with and dreamed about a unique and surprising wedding proposal.

Some years later I went to College and when studying Electrical and Telecommunication Engineering at PUC Minas I met my prince, Henrique. It took only one month for me to make sure I wasn’t delusional. The perfect love existed. Henrique was what I imagined and even more.

We started dating in March 2005 and in February 2008 we had the first fire proof in our relationship. I went to Porto, Portugal  in order to do an exchange program. We would live apart for six months and the distance would confirm our love. This goes without saying, it was really hard to my heart stays away from the beloved one.  Four months have passed far away from each other and the certainty was there, but even so Henrique decided to do something so that wouldn’t be a shred of doubt in my heart. He made a surprise appearance in Portugal, took me to Paris and there made the cutest SURPRISE wedding proposal I could ever imagine!

We were engaged and decided to get married but our wonderful God had prepared one more fire proof for our relationship, as a way to prepare us for a love thatalways protects, trusts, hopes and perseveres. In 2010 I was diagnosed with cancer and in the love of God, Henrique, family and friends I got the strength I needed to fight and win. I do not know how I would have faced this situation without Henrique besides me. He has supported me during all the time from discovery to the news of the cure! He went with me to all sessions of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and He was also responsible for cutting my hair. All the time He was confidante, unwavering and kept saying I was the most beautiful woman even swollen and with no hair.

In 2012 we had a unique fairy tale wedding, full of surprises, tears and contagious love. Several TV programs, newspapers, magazines and blogs asked us to share our love story with them. It was when I realized that the love we have was something that needed to be told to the whole world as well as several other beautiful stories scattered throughout the earth, all under the same point of view: as a mean of survival. Then in 2014 Berries and Love was created. Written by someone who knows the overwhelming power that love has, but that it begins as soft as a wind and as the morning sunlight it warms the heart gradually until regardless the storm there is sure that the rainbow is waiting.

Marcella Lisa